Start A Home Photo Business With Little Money

Are you looking to start a home based photography business but think that you need a lot of fancy equipment to start? Do you dread having to create a website? Not to worry, you can’t start a home photo business with little money.

My wife always had a knack for photography and was told that she should do it professionally. We decided that it might be nice to bring in a little extra income doing something she enjoys. We had very little money to purchase the equipment we needed.

We had already purchased an inexpensive DSLR camera, a Pentax, for around $400. We also bought a tripod (don’t use it much but nice to have just in case), a lot of extra batteries, and Photoshop CS3 (very expensive when it was first released). My wife splurged a little on the editing software, you don’t need to spend as much as we did. You can get less expensive versions of Photoshop that will fit your needs.

Spending money on a nice flash was not an option at the time so we borrowed one from a friend. You can even borrow a friend’s camera while doing your first couple of jobs until you can save to buy your own camera. We did eventually upgrade to a Canon but kept the Pentax around for a backup. This worked out great for when my wife did her first wedding. She used the Canon for the more formal poses and I used the Pentax for action shots throughout the day.

When you start earning a little money you can invest it into your business, but no need to rack up a lot of debt when you are starting out. Your customers don’t care if you have an older DSLR or the newest Canon. Nor will they know the difference.

As far as a website, you will want your own eventually but not necessary when starting out. Companies like Smugmug will host your pictures for a very reasonable yearly fee.

All of the photography that we do is on site and not at a studio. We either take the pictures at the client’s house or meet at a scenic location. Some places you can go: lake (or ocean if you are lucky enough), county/state park, or a zoo. The winters are brutal where I live so we found a local community center that has a lot of vegetation and water falls that make for a great backdrop.

You too can start a home photo business with little money. The equipment isn’t what is important, it is your skills and passion for doing what you love!