Learning to Care for Iguanas by Using Iguana Photos

You can learn a lot from iguana photos. Of course, it is always good to use reading material to learn more about any given subject, but photos are also helpful, especially if you use them along with written material.

Photos and Iguanas

If you are wondering what an iguana looks like, the best way to find out is to find a picture of one. The best way to do this is to go to a computer, log onto the Internet and search for a picture of an iguana by using Google Image Search or the picture search section of your favorite search engine. Wikipedia and other online encyclopedias may also have pictures of iguanas.

You can determine the size, color, and shape of an iguana by looking at a picture. Of course, size would be just an estimate. It’s best to look at multiple pictures of an iguana – closeup photos and photos of an iguana in its natural habitat to put its size into context.

Iguanas and Their Food

Iguana photos can also depict what iguanas eat and how they eat their food. Iguanas are herbivores, and they eat green, leafy vegetables and fruit. For example, the kind of vegetables they eat include lettuce and broccoli. The kind of fruit they eat includes raspberries, oranges and blackberries. It is important that all food and water is fresh. If you need to know what non-fresh food looks like, you can do a search online, but spoiled food should be obvious in its smell and appearance.

Lighting and Temperature

Iguanas like to lie in the sun, so it’s important that any enclosure or habitat is properly lit. Do a search for iguana cage photos or something similar to get some inspiration on how you should keep the enclosure properly lit. The iguana’s cage should be between 80 degrees Fahrenheit and 92 degrees Fahrenheit. Hot rocks are not necessary and may damage the iguana’s feet and/or skin. An environment that does not have the ideal temperature may lead to indigestion. Photos can help you determine what kind of lamp or heating pad is appropriate for your cage or enclosure.


Your iguana’s enclosure or cage should be kept clean. This is also fairly obvious, but important. You can use photos to determine how clean the enclosure should be, and what a dirty cage or enclosure looks like so you can avoid a dirty habitat.

Photos should not always be used by themselves, but can help make written information clearer. With the World Wide Web, finding photos of iguanas and almost anything else is quick and easy.