Killer Food Stock Photos Tips

Everybody eats! Obvious but very true. And because everybody eats there is a massive market for food and buying foods. There are advertisements for food everywhere. You can see loads of billboard ads advertising their fast food restaurants coming by. The pictures in these advertisements are done by very professional photographers specifically for companies like Jack in The Box and such. However, what about the other food companies that need photos?

STOCK PHOTOS! That’s where you come in and supply a very large collection of food photographs for people that need them for their pictures. Food stock photos can be very profitable and rewarding if you know how to take these pictures right.

When taking pictures of food the pictures must have the following:

Look appealing

If you are taking stock photos of food you need to make sure that the food looks very tasty and delicious. It has to say – eat me!-if it doesn’t you may not be as successful with your photograph.

Be Simple and Professional

Stock photos of food are usually very simple. There’s usually one single object in the picture and it’s the food of interest. If you’re taking a picture of lettuce focus specifically on the lettuce. You can take pictures later with lettuce and cabbage and other green vegetables. But for now just concentrate on the lettuce head.

Try Different Positions

Don’t just take one photo of your food, try different angles. Try leaving space for advertising text and other necessities. Try having the lettuce to the left of the photo and to the right. Try having it on the bottom and the top. See how the photo looks vertically oriented and horizontally oriented. Many people in need of stock photos usually have a specific idea in mind. If they want a vertically composed shot with the lettuce on the bottom and all they can find are shots with lettuce horizontally composed they won’t be satisfied.

There are many different tricks to make food look better than it actually does. You can use editing software and add some glow or effects to make the food look better. You can also add some oil to certain foods and it’ll look tastier. Food stock pictures must be executed very precisely like all other stock. Follow these simple tips and take great pictures.