How to Take Fun Wedding Photos

Although wedding vows by their sacred nature and ultimate purpose demand extreme sincerity and the utmost degree of seriousness, wedding photos do not. In fact, wedding photos which are considered cool or fun are preferred nowadays as they deviate from the triteness of traditional wedding photos. Instead of having serious photo shoots, you can ask your wedding photographer to take fun wedding photos. This can make your guests loosen up and enjoy the event even more. Wedding photos can be made more fun with the use of colorful backgrounds, silly expressions, and funny accessories and accessories.

Using Colorful Backgrounds

Many wedding photography services offer different kinds of backgrounds for their photo booths. Fun wedding photos often use colorful backgrounds or those with specific themes like a zoo, a circus, or other places of happiness like Disneyland and even different kinds of movies including animation and horror. Some backgrounds which are not funny in themselves may produce a funny effect in a blatant comical or even satirical sort of way like prison cells or mental institutions which are jokingly attached to the idea of marriage. Location shooting may also be an option like a photo shoot in a playground or in an amusement park where the bride and groom as well as the guests and the members of the entourage can actually have fun while their pictures are being taken.

Making Silly Expressions

Though considered quite tacky by some, making silly expressions through outlandish facial contortions is a more appropriate way of encouraging fun instead of merely smiling or laughing. These stir up excitement more than just sitting or standing and looking into the camera lens with a timid smile. They also encourage a comfortable atmosphere where people need not hide behind the screen of proper decorum at all times.

Using Funny Accessories

Using funny accessories is common for photo booths. A couple can actually have funny props on each table for the guests to wear, or play with, as the photographer roams the reception venue and takes snapshots of their silly antics. Funny accessories may range from small items such as a clown’s nose, bizarre eyeglasses, a long mustache or a crazy wig to large ones such as a mug shot placard similar to that of a prisoner’s, a “for sale” poster pointing to one’s spouse, a biohazard indicator, or even a “doomsday” sign depending on the type of humor the couple can accept or even endure.

Taking Candid Shots

Those who do not wish to be quite outlandish can opt for candid photos. The idea of fun is not entirely confined to being wacky. Just capturing the happy smiles and laughter of the guests during the even could be fun enough. Taken during unguarded moments, these candid shots are as real as they can get. It would be great to look at these photos later on and laugh at the lighter side of wedding: a piece of cake falling from the groom’s mouth, a piece of vegetable caught in between the bride’s teeth, a guest wiping cake icing off his nose, or accidentally stepping on his dance partner’s gown.

Fun wedding photos are great for reminiscing about this milestone in a couple’s relationship and how the people close to the couple shared this special time with them.