How to Look Picture Perfect in Your Senior Photos

If there’s one thing that needs attention when keeping memories of your senior year, it will be the photos that are taken from every important occasion such as the Graduation Day and the Prom Night. These photos play a large role in keeping a memory alive. It’s a reminder of how you looked and what you were doing on a particular time, on a specific occasion. This is why many seniors make a big deal out of their senior photos.

Unfortunately, as much as many would like to keep these photos pretty to look at each time, there are still those who take pictures that are not. This is common especially when the Longview pictures for the year book or prom night are taken.

In order to avoid this, here are some useful tips to look pretty before you say cheese and have that perfect smile captured:

Weeks Before the Picture Taking: Be Ready Physically

Though many high school seniors live the unhealthy and youthful lifestyle, it is still recommended to do some prepping up before having their senior Longview pictures taking. Eat fruits and vegetables and drink plenty of water. These may sound like too much of a task for teenagers today but this diet brings out a more natural glow. Eat this diet and get naturally shinier hair, brighter looking eyes and rosier cheeks in a few short weeks. This is a lot better than putting a lot of make up on.

Getting exercise also helps as it puts you into your best physique when striking a pose. A great figure will also make selection of clothes for your senior photos a lot easier.

Day Before the Picture Taking: Get Polished Up

The day before taking your Longview pictures, nothing beats having a complete night of sleep. Also, taking care of small details will be useful. Some teenagers even go to a salon for a mani and pedi plus some last minute eye brow grooming or other hair removal treatments.

What is not recommended the day before the Longview pictures taking session is the facial treatments. The problem is that these treatments make the face all red and swollen. Many teenagers don’t know this.

On the Day: Feel Confident

Nothing beats being confident in every frame. Senior photos look great when the model feels good about herself. A pretty face is not pretty enough for a picture unless confidence comes with it. Just think about it: if you look back at these pictures, wouldn’t you feel good when you see your confident “you” when you were younger?