Growing the Easy Way With Container Vegetable and Herb Gardening

Surviving in this economy continues to be an on-going uphill battle for everyone, in today’s disrupted and out of control country.

There are many articles and ebooks that cover the art of gardening but to many this can be a time consuming and sometimes fruitless undertaking.

There are many systems like raised beds and hydroponic systems that look great and produce fine vegetables but still require many hours of maintaining and care.

I recall way back in time to my days on the farm prior to WW2 and working in the family Victory gardens to provide fresh inexpensive vegetables for the table.

Preserving the produce was an ongoing procedure so that during the non growing season and winters we would enjoy the fruits of our labor.

Working the garden was a labor intensive and back breaking job by having to clear a plot, remove old vegetation and have to dig the garden by hand as we had no gas tillers in those days.

In drought periods it was hard to get enough water to the plants and with all the weeding, insecticides and hoeing required to produce edible vegetables it became a laborious effort.

Now I am growing my own vegetables, herbs and flowers after all these years by using a method called “wicking” in which the plants are watered continuously from the bottom up! Some wicking systems are sold commercially but if money is a problem you can make your own for about fifteen to twenty dollars using materials you may already have in your shop or garage.

The initial labor involves taking materials you already have or are readily available for free at certain places such as checking landfills (free) friends and home suppliers if you need to buy items.

Containers are made and filled with a medium or mix and a reservoir of water supplies water and fertilizer to the plants 24 hours a day.

Eliminate the chore of having to water virtually the whole conventional garden every day.

It takes several days before you have to refill the reservoirs of your containers.

Take a trip for a couple days Your plants will be automatically taken care of by the automatic wicking system.

The “old ways” that we employed many years ago in maintaining a garden seem very out dated since using the methods I describe above. This method is a great way for older or handicapped people to still be able to grow their own food.

People who are handicapped can wheel up to their boxes and be at the level they can work them without being assisted or getting out of the chair and still enjoy the ability and independence to do it themselves.

Interested in this method? See my resource box for more information and Happy Money Saving Gardening.